Welcome to the Creative Inspiration Community!

February 7, 2018 0 Comments 2 Photos

Well, this is it!  The Creative Inspiration Community is finally on it’s way to bigger and better things!  And let me tell, you, my team and I are thrilled for what lies ahead on this journey!  We have so many ideas we can’t wait to share with you!

Before we can tell you what’s coming up, let’s backtrack a bit to our roots.  The CIC idea was born in 2017 from a personal project that I invited others to join in on. In December 2016, I was thinking about the upcoming year, and trying to decide what I wanted to focus on, photographically speaking.  Eventually I decided I wanted to spend a year focusing on being more creative in my craft.  From there, I thought I’d focus on one aspect each month.  I figured it would be more fun to do this with people I know, to help keep me on track and a community was born!  We officially became an Instagram feature hub in March of 2017, (with a bit of prodding from my friend, KC) and have continued to grow from there, featuring creative images, sharing tutorials on the monthly subject and becoming a photography community focused on growing together!

We’ve decided that the three important parts of the CIC are click (taking pictures), inspire (sharing what we’re creating, how, and inspiring other photographers) and connect (connecting with other like-minded creative photographers)!

We know there are a lot of photography groups, forums and communities out there.  We know a lot of them are focused on specific genres within photography, and that is where we decided to be different.  It doesn’t matter the genre–whether you like to photograph your children, landscapes, flowers, birds or brides–we believe we can learn something from everyone and support them in the process!  Our goal is to help you learn how to be more creative in your own chosen photography specialty.  We want to you to feel inspired to try a new technique, to look for ways to add that creative flair and to help inspire others around you!

We hope that you’ll be inspired by the talented photographers we share on here.  I promise, you’ll find inspiration in what they are sharing!  Welcome to your new photography home. We’re excited you’re here! <3

February 8, 2018

Emily Hamson

I'm a mom of 4 wild boys, who photographs mostly nature (partly because they don't run away or pull faces at me like my boys do). Being behind my camera is my therapy! In 2017 I decided to embark upon a personal photography project to find more creative ways to use my camera, and the CIC was born. I love to learn anything that goes along with photography, but I really love helping others learn new techniques even more!