Using a Pop of Color: With Shokofeh Sora

April 25, 2018 0 Comments

As part of our focus on using a pop of color in our photography this week, Shokofeh Sora, is sharing some of her thoughts on effectively using a pop of color in her work.  If you haven’t seen her IG feed, you definitely need to go check it out…it’s a feast on the eyes!

Color is a big part of composition for me and my style. I like bright airy pictures with happy colors. I don’t like a busy frame so I try to keep the number of colors in my pictures to a minimum. I typically like one color to pop but If I use more than one color I am very intentional with the colors I choose-I will typically stick to color theory and use either complementary colors (colors on the opposite end of the color wheel) or analogous colors (colors that are side by side on the color wheel). Also I don’t like different tones of the same color in a picture- I will adjust in photoshop to make them uniform.  I usually have a subject first and then try to find a location that best tells the story I want to tell. I typically like a light/white colored background for my Instagram feed- so a white wall, sand, rocks, water etc

I shoot young children, so I usually set up a scene/ scenario i.e. giving a child a snack to eat or a toy to play with and then run and get ready for magic to happen as I take pictures.  I like to be at eye level with my subjects. I do other perspective but I’m always drawn to the eye level pictures the most.

I love dreamy golden hour light as much as the next person but having young children it’s not feasible for me to be shooting at that hour. I also don’t think it’s the best light for a color pop. I like white light for a color pop-which means shooting during the day. I think it provides a neutral palette that allows color to shine.  If I could go back in time and give myself advice on how to use a pop of color better, I would tell myself that the devil is in the details. I probably did not pay much attention to color until the last year or so. 

Editing is a curtail part of my process. It allows me to adjust colors and tones. I will change tones in photoshop, I will saturate and desaturate.   I use a canon mark 3 and have way too many lenses but long lenses are my favorite. I typically use an 85 if it’s just me and my kids because I don’t want to be too far away from them. But I do love the 135mm and 75-200mm too!  I love to shoot as wide open as I can! I love creamy blur!

I have a bath series with my daughter #graciefromabove

I find inspiration everywhere-from a flower that I see, from a new outfit, a pretty cake, candy or cupcake that I think would photograph nicely. i’m inspired by seasons, and stories etc. Inspiration is everywhere!

When I get bored of shooting the same thing, I think of a story I can create and get the materials I need to create that picture. I’m really inspired by fashion so new clothes get me really inspired!! I also love to learn new things like cinemagraphs.  I’d really love to learn video in the future!


Shokofeh is a child and family photographer from Tampa Bay, Florida. She has 3 children who are her muses.  You can find her beautiful work on Instagram here.

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I'm a mom of 4 wild boys, who photographs mostly nature (partly because they don't run away or pull faces at me like my boys do). Being behind my camera is my therapy! In 2017 I decided to embark upon a personal photography project to find more creative ways to use my camera, and the CIC was born. I love to learn anything that goes along with photography, but I really love helping others learn new techniques even more!