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Did you know, we are all born with creativity?  When people tell me they aren't creative, I just laugh because it really isn't true.  In fact we are all born creative.  We grow up creative--and then as we age, somehow we forget that we are creative.  We have "adult" responsibilities that take our time, people tell us what we create isn't good enough, we tell ourselves we aren't as good as so and so, then we just forget that we are creative!

So, is creativity something you can get back as an adult?  Absolutely!  But, it will take some work and a new way of thinking!  Here are some ideas to get you started!

I will admit it, I’m a pretty creative person.  I love creating things with my hands, whether it’s physically, through my lens or on the computer.  It gives me a great satisfaction to see things I’ve made!

I’ve had quite a few people say they wish they could be creative like me, or wonder how I can be so creative.  Soooo, I thought, why not give you some ideas of how you can infuse creativity into your life too!  I promise everyone is creative.  And yes, that means you!

Did you know, we are all born with creativity?  When people tell me they aren’t creative, I just laugh because it really isn’t true.  In fact we are all born creative.  We grow up creative–and then as we age, somehow we forget that we are creative.  We have “adult” responsibilities that take our time, people tell us what we create isn’t good enough, we tell ourselves we aren’t as good as so and so, then we just forget that we are creative!

So, is creativity something you can get back as an adult?  Absolutely!  But, it will take some work and a new way of thinking!  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Let go of the mindset that you’re not creative!

This is the most important thing, because this is where it all unravels if you don’t follow it! Yes, you are creative!  No one person on this earth is the same.  We all have different emotions, different backgrounds and different interests, and we all create in different ways (which is a good thing).  For some reason we look at something that someone else made, and think that we’ll never accomplish that, so we don’t even try, or we tell ourselves we will never be able to do that.  I’m going to say it again, really loud and clear…  
—->LET GO OF THE IDEA THAT YOU AREN’T CREATIVE!<—-  You are creative–just repeat it to yourself a million times until you believe it, because it’s totally true!

Find a way that YOU want to create.  What draws you in?  What looks like something you’d like to learn?If you come up with something that you want to learn and sounds interesting to you, you’re more likely to pursue it!  For instance, I love most things artsy, but I can’t draw to save my life, so when I try to draw I get fed up quickly and turn on the TV. And don’t ever count on me to be creative with a huge project that would take months to complete, like flipping a house or restoring a car, but for others this is where they shine!  So take your patience for projects and time into consideration.  Also, one last note–creativity is not only limited to the arts and crafts, though many see it that way.  Here’s a quick list I came up with–see if anything here sparks your interest!It can be something artistic like photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, pottery, hand lettering, cartoon drawing, coloring books or videography.

  • It can be something you have to do anyway, such as cooking, baking, decorating your house, planning your time or taking care of yourself (hair, makeup, etc.).
  • It can be something hands-on like crocheting, quilting, car restoration, wood carving, refinishing furniture, crafting, home decorating, wood crafting, building, exercising and computer graphics.
  • It can be lyrical such as writing a poem, short story, blog post on something you’re passionate about or even a novel.
  • It can be musical like learning a new instrument, singing, writing a new song or arranging an old favorite.
  • It can be physical, like learning a new dance,  turning on the music and letting your body go with the flow, or something like drama and acting in plays.
  • It can be imaginative, like in playing, making up stories and pretending to be someone else.
  • It can even be technical such as solving a problem with simple inventions or working things out to better use space and time.

​And I’m sure there are tons more ways that I haven’t mentioned!

Perfect does not exist!

One of the reasons we “forget” to be creative, is that somewhere, sometime in our lives, someone told us we had to create in a certain way.  Raise your hand if you had a parent or teacher who told you to color in the lines! (You’re raising your hand, aren’t you?)  Okay, I understand it to some degree that we need to try…but this put us all in some weird mindset that whatever we create HAS to be perfect and exact.

If you ever have the opportunity to ask a master of a craft if everything they’ve created is perfect, I can guarantee he or she would laugh!  We all start somewhere.  We all make zillions of mistakes.  And we all learn from those mistakes and become better, or we quit and say we aren’t creative or good enough.  (That’s a total cop out and the easy way, but not the best way!)

Think back to something you’ve tried doing but don’t do anymore.  Why did you quit?  Was it too hard?  Were you just not good at it?  Did someone tell you that it wasn’t good and you listened?  (And even worse, was it you telling that to yourself?)  Now really think…did you just take the easy way out?  If you said yes to any of these questions, I challenge you to try again!  (I’m talking to myself on this one…)

And one more thing…let go of inhibitions and the thought of being judged by others.  Who cares what others think? Yes, haters gonna hate, yo! Just do what you’re doing and don’t worry about what people think!

Learn from the best!

I’m a big advocate of education.  There are sooo many things to learn out there, and so many people willing to teach you.  Yes, you can find out how to do anything online.  Yes, it’s free!  But, I am a big believer that you get what you pay for.

If you really want to learn something well, take a class.  I’ve found that when I invest money into something, I try a lot harder than if I don’t pay anything.  Even better is when we take a class where we can get feedback on our progress from an instructor.  My local technical college sends out little booklets every few months of classes it offers, as well as the lo

cal arts center.  I’ve taken a number of classes online from amazing instructors, and getting to pick their brains and getting feedback from them has been so helpful and helped me grow beyond what I could do alone or even from reading books or tutorials online.

If you’re looking to really be creative, check out some classes either online or locally, or check into an apprenticeship.  I bet you’ll find something to help you, and you’ll grow so much in your abilities and your creativity!



Keept at it and make it your own!

Some people learn new things quite easily, creativity come naturally to them.  Others have to work at it.  And really, this is the case for most of us–some things come easily, others take time a practice.  If you have been in the midset that you’re not creative, then it will take time to overcome that!  Just keep at it.

When you start learning something new, remember that just copying another person does not make you creative.  Take inspiration from someone who has matered the craft, learn the basics and then go make it yourself.  When you’ve learned as much as you can about it, put a little spin on it to make it you.  Not only will you set yourself apart from the rest, you’ll soon have others wanting to create what you’re doing!

I saw a quote recently (that had no author attached, so I sadly can’t properly give credit to this wise soul) and it said, “Don’t be afraid to create something that no one has seen, be afraid of creating something that everyone has done.”

Have you ever walked down the halls of a school and seen a bulletin board of  projects the kids have made?  Do you stop to look at each kid’s project?  Usually not, since they’re all the same thing.  But what if there’s a bulletin board that has something different from each child in the class?  You would stop in your tracks and take it all in, right?!? In order to truly create something, it needs to come from deep inside you.  It needs to be an expression of you, your thoughts and your emotions!  Don’t create what you see, create what you feel and then you will be happy with what you’ve created!

Encourage others in their creative journies!

Remember when I said we all start somewhere? Well, no matter how good or awful you are at a certain craft, please don’t ever put people down who are trying to learn themselves. The world has enough critics, so let’s encourage others as they begin on their own creative journey.  Give them advice, but don’t tell them how to do it (unless you’re teaching them…then I guess you’d better tell them!).  Let them learn for themselves, because we all know that learning is most powerful when we learn the lessons for ourselves and not just someone telling us what we should learn or how to do something!

If you’re a parent, this is especially important in your children!  Encourage them to create, and let them create how they want to!  I never want to hear my children tell me they aren’t creative!

I have a ton of art supplies in my home and my kids know where to find them.  If they get the urge to paint, draw, make things from play dough, or tie a friendship bracelet, they can!  I have never told them how to do it, unless they ask.  I give them free reign and encourage them to use their imaginations.  I want them growing up with the knowledge that they are creative!

So remember this: YOU ARE CREATIVE! 


What are you going to create today, this month or this year?  Leave me a comment here so you have some accountability, then get to work finding the necessary tools to get started on your own creative journey.  I promise…you won’t regret it in the least!

(From a blog post I wrote for my photography blog back in 2016.  To this day it remains one of my favorite posts ever, so I thought I’d share it here.)

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