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March 28, 2018 0 Comments

It’s almost a new month, and that means that a new challenge at the CIC is about ready to begin!  But first a quick recap of this month: we had some amazingly talented photographers share tips, tutorials and secrets on our new blog and IG hub as well as some Q&A sessions.  From inside reflections using floors, windows, countertops and even iPads (!), to outdoor reflections on the beach, in puddles,  during sunset.  The tips were too numerous to recount, and if you didn’t get a chance to read them all, be sure to check them out!  We also started a new series called “Real Talk” in March.  Katie shared some things she’s learned as a photographer and Jennifer opened up her heart about failure–I promise, that post is not one you’ll want to miss.  Check it out here if you haven’t.  And what can I say about the images that were shared this month, other than I was blown away by all the amazing images you shared and tagged on IG.  A.Maze.Ing!


This April we will kind of be doing two challenges that could be configured into one.  You are welcome to focus on one aspect of it, or both! (Or none of them, but let’s face it, if you do that, we’ll all be sad that you didn’t join in…) This month we will be working on the different aspects of color theory, and we are also going to build a rainbow!  This is something we’ve done in March, but it’s not always easy to find color in March, so we postponed it a month.  Be sure to watch the blog, Instagram and Facebook for tips and tutorials all about color theory during April!

Building a Rainbow 2018

This will be the 4th year of Building a Rainbow!  I look forward to it every spring, because it helps get me excited about the change of seasons.
If you would like to join in, it’s easy to do!  Simply take a picture everyday that corresponds to the color of the day.  It can be a bright & bold, soft & pastel, or somewhere in between.  You can do it diligently all month, or simply participate for one cycle, one week, or do whatever you can.  It’s all up to you, but I promise, it will be fun!  If you decide to participate online, please tag your images with #buildingarainbow2018 so we can find them and feature our favorites on the IG hub. And I promise, I won’t tell anyone if you happen to cheat by taking a picture on the wrong day, and using it for another one instead…;)

Some grid examples from 2016, taken from IG

In the past, some people have made their rainbow according to a theme: macro, fill the frame, in the bathtub, their children, white backdrop, white object with colored backdrop, flowers, doors, walls, game pieces, etc. Some people do one theme per cycle or week as well, just to mix it up! Of course, there’s always the option of being completely random and just making a picture when you see an object that is the color of the day.  You can go all out using your fancy camera, using a creative lens or a technique such as free-lensing.  You could try doing a mobile device-only rainbow, or try something new–last year I used my new Instax Mini camera for one cycle, and that was a fun challenge! (Nothing earth-shattering, but fun to learn how to use it in one take per color.)  Get your kids involved as well, and let them build their own rainbows, or help you find things for yours.  My kids have always loved helping me build my rainbow!

Rainbow cycle using my Instax Mini camera!

Need some inspiration? You can find some great examples here and here!  To make a grid on your iPhone, I recommend the Collect app.  I know there’s an app for Android, but I don’t know what it is, I’ll update with that info if anyone can tell me. 😉

Freebies:  This year I’ve made a freebie for you!  If you have Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, just download the file and create your own rainbow grid.  There’s also a schedule you can download for easy reminders.  Access the folder here, and find the video online here.  And speaking of freebies–there will be freebies every month in our new newsletter!  If you haven’t signed up yet, do it ASAP, because you’ll love the freebies coming in the April newsletter. 🙂

Color Theory

In addition to Building a Rainbow, or for anyone who wants to work on this instead, we will be exploring the wonderful world of color theory.  I’ve got some amazing artists lined up this month, and I am absolutely giddy about what they are going to share! If you want to focus on color theory, the general theme of what we’ll be doing each week is on the first picture, but you can use any of them throughout the month.  If you’re sharing on social media, be sure to tag #cic_color! Keep a look out on the blog for their tutorials, as well as on IG.  If you want to make sure you never miss any tutorials there, go here and make sure you subscribe to our tutorial hashtag! (We kindly ask that you do not use this tag for your own posts, so that everyone can easily find our tutorials when they want to look up something. Thanks!)

We hope you enjoy this coming month of color in your life!  Using color intentionally, really is a game changer!

I really am grateful to all of you who are participating in our challenges–it makes creative photography all the more fun!  Happy month of color!




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I'm a mom of 4 wild boys, who photographs mostly nature (partly because they don't run away or pull faces at me like my boys do). Being behind my camera is my therapy! In 2017 I decided to embark upon a personal photography project to find more creative ways to use my camera, and the CIC was born. I love to learn anything that goes along with photography, but I really love helping others learn new techniques even more!